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Think Green Recycling


Drum Service of Richmond is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Drum Service of Richmond is committed to operating responsibly, protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of the people who work with us. Our stewardship is based on a whole-system perspective that begins with new containers, continues with reconditioning/ remanufacturing of industrial drums and their re-introduction into the supply chain, and ends with the recycling of materials past their useful life. By relying on us, our customers are secure in the knowledge that we help reduce the waste they generate and divert reusable materials from landfills.


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"Think GREEN  Container Recycling"  


Let Drum Service of Richmond design a cost efficient "GREEN" program for your company's used packaging. 

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"The Process for Safe, Responsible & Efficient Container Recycling"


Used Containers  that meet compliance (see EPA 40CFR261.7)  are loaded and documented for transport to our segregation and staging facility in South Amboy, New Jersey.

Containers are sorted by design and construction then reloaded on transports to the facility best suited to process container type.

“UN” rated steel drums are processed for reuse by a facility that has incineration capacity this assures all prior materials are neutralized to ash.

Plastic Containers are rinsed with a chemical solution prior to shredding… The clean shredded material is sold for feedstock to be used in the manufacture of molded HDPE products as well as plastic drums.

All other drums and intermediate containers that are non reconditionable or deemed scrap are decontaminated and de-identified prior to final disposition at a scrap steel facility.

Drum Service of Richmond is an approved member of “The Reusable Industrial Packaging Association” and adheres to the association’s global code of operating practice which promotes the safe handling, preparation and processing of haz-mat containers.

Education and training of the EPA/ DOT container regulations is a must for all manufacturing operators who handle new as well as used containers, we are pleased and encourage our customers to allow us to provide this added program to your training schedule.

Click Below for a short educational video on the reconditioning and the disposal process.

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